Monday, September 20, 2010

Chapter 7 attitudes and attitude change

  Chapter 7 attitudes and attitude change

consumer attitudes consist of two factor. Emotion which is refer to consumer felling toward attitude abject, and Cognition, which is refer to consumer beliefs toward objects.

Consumers attitudes can be both, positive or negative, that result of how consumer evaluate products or things that reflect on their behaviour toward objects, the evaluation based on cognitive informations, behaviour learning, and hedonic consumption.

Marketer most understand witch of the components (emotional or cognitive) , have strong impact on their own brand or their competitor's in order to change consumer attitude.

The main aim for the social marketing, is to change consumer attitudes and behaviours in the ways that benefit to the society as a whole.

Attitudes is measurable, marketer are able to use a sophisticated model, that identify specific components and combine them to product that consumer's overall attitude will be.

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