Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chapter 6 Personalty and lifestyles

each individual parson has personality, that reflect his or her behaviour, and who the respond to the products and surrounded environment. Also specific situation traits has strong impact on consumer preference for brand and behaviour.

Understanding consumer lifestyle, is the key that enable marketers to group their costumers and to control the consumption, also lifestyle researches are useful for positioning specific products and services to different segments.

Using techniques like Psyhographic for marketers, in order to identify consumer types and differentiate them based on their brand or product preferences.

The important of having a sets of product and services, that associate with consumer lifestyles, which will enhance consumers desire to pay a brand or a product.

By using geodemography analyses techniques, which is rely on geographical and demographic data, marketers are able to identify cluster of their costumers, who share psychographic characteristics.

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