Tuesday, October 5, 2010

chapter 13 Social class, ethnic and spiritual subcultures

we can measure social classes through three main important factors, a person or family education standard, type of jobs the do in their society“ occupation” and their income which is represent how much money they obtain, and how they spend it.

Product can be a sing of the consumers social classes, consumer from higher social classes are choosing the brand and the product that shows their stature in a society very carefully.

The important of Consumers identities and ethnic groups for marketers, because it gives a good clue about consumption decisions.

Consumers identities are mix of ethnic origins, racial identity and religious background.

It is important for marketers to understand the differences on cultural between subgroups, because it is the only way for reaching ethnic markets.

Consumer desire have direct impact on consumer behaviour, by representing the social class that the consumer belong to or the social class that consumers are looking forward to joins.

As a marketer researches we can group consumers into social classes, that represent their standard in the society, and there is many signs at the market that consumers can shows to which social classes they are belong to.

chapter 12 Age and income subcultures

consumers whom born in the same pried of time, shared a cultural bond with millions of other consumer how close to their age, that influence on their identity. also consumers needs and preferences are changeable with the time. Although, consumer with the same group of age are shearing cultural bond in different regions, and that shows the strong relationship between consumer age and consumer identity.

It is important for marketers to understand all differences on consumer's life stages , in order to
target the entire consumers instead of focusing assigning managers to products.

As a marketer, we must understand teenager hood and it characteristics. We have to understand why teens try to break from their families, how they wont to be accepted from the society, why they dress and adorn their bodies in certain ways ….

we must understand the five age cohorts, in order to have vast knowledge about all certain types of consumer's behaviour.

Consumers between age 8 to 14 ( tweens ) are so important for the market, because at this age consumer transition from childhood to adolescence, also this period of time has strong influence in people life stile and product preferences.

We must take in our consideration the differences between generations and their characteristics beside the way the evaluate products and things, also the population needs and the size of group also has impact on economic clout.