Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter 3 Learning and Memory

Chapter 3 Learning and Memory

After I read this chapter I learnt how consumer's memory can play important role in terms of controlling chooses and preferences between products. Also how stimulus can have strong effect on people actions. I will try to highlight the main point in this chapter relying on my understanding.

People respond and judge products through their experience and the feedback that they received from the past.

We can create or make a conditional stimulus by associate and join things to together, so with the time the stimulus became as a sign to describe some actions. For example, when dogs associate the bell sound with eating time, with the time dogs began to salivate at the sound of the bell by itself.

Repetitions of the product has strong impact in our chooses and selections, because, the repetitions increase the strength of stimulus response associations in consumer's memory. However, overexposed for some products might lead to change consumer selection because too many repetitions will make the product loss it value and our desire to the product will decay with the time.

Our previous responses to particular to products might have similar stimulus to other product that has the same condition,

our brain have storage of learning information, these information will occur as how our brain received in the past, if the information are good about an aspect our respond will be positive about, and if we received it as a bad memory our respond will occur in a negative way. Also our short memory and long memory play a big role as well in our chooses.

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